Montag, 26. Dezember 2011

How to Convert your.cap File to hccap for use with oclHashCat for WPA

Upload your .cap file to the following cap2hccap convert Service:

Then use oclhashcat-plus to crack it, command for using with ATI GPU´s:

Open a Dosbox, use the following cmd-line:

C:\oclHashcat-plus-0.06\oclHashcat-plus64.exe -m 2500 D:\oclHashcat-plus-0.06\1.hccap D:\oclHashcat-plus-0.06\wpa.txt

  • -m 2500  -> defines that we want to crack a WPA file
  • wpa.txt   -> your Dictionarie / Wordlist File


If you encounter difficulties regarding the opencl.dll, just download the latest ATI Catalyst Drivers and select the ATI SDK and install it, works without a reboot.

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