Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

UPDATE: The BEST Dictionaries & Wordlist for WPA Cracking

This is a 18 in 1 WPA Edition Password List, its not only a combination of Passwords:

  • Merged each 'collection' into one file (minus the 'readmes' files)
  • Removed leading & trailing spaces & tabs
  • Converted all 'new lines' to 'Unix' format
  • Removed non-printable characters
  • Removed HTML tags (Complete and common incomplete tags)
  • Removed (common domains) email addresses
  • Removed duplicate entries
  • How much would be used if they were for 'cracking WPA' (Between 8-63 characters)

All the Credits for the work go to g0tmi1k !!! Visit his Site for closer Informations !

Download Full 18in1 cleaned Password List:
Compressed 4,8GB ( 24 Files, 7-Zip ) / Extracted 39,1GB ( 1 File, .lst )

UPDATE FROM: 07.08.2012

Use this Download Link ONLY!


This Collection was used to create the 18in1 WPA Edition:

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SirNoish hat gesagt…

Sorry for my bad English.

I downloaded your dictionary of 13 GB but I can not use it in any distro of linux. I have it on a ntfs partition but when I try to load the dictionary tells me is empty. Then I have not found a way to read the dictionary, all programs are bug me are large enough to have.

How I can use this dictionary and how I can read it to see its contents?

Thank you very much for everything and a greeting

DDoS2015 hat gesagt…

Very nice this blog.. good works

Mauri hat gesagt…


Hmm, you just have to download the files, use 7-zip to extract the password list. you should be able to use it where ever you want to use it ?

ntfs has no problems with this filesize, normaly you would install a linux distro on a ext3 device, which has also no problems with this filesize.

so i would suggest to reinstall 7zip, decompress it again. before you move it over to your linux box, check with notepad++ on your windows client if you can read the file. IF you are able, then maybe there is a problem with the transfer from windows to linux ? how do you transfer it ?

SirNoish hat gesagt…


Thanks for answering.

I unzip with 7zip on a ntfs partition, I do not know if the problem may be that I'm using a linux live usb. From this distro I access the dictionary that is in the NTFS partition.

Should have the distro installed on ext3 with the dictionary in the same partition?

I am using windows 7 and notepad + +, when I try to read the dictionary with the notepad + + gives me a error file too large.

hs hat gesagt…

Hey this link is down.
Please upload when u have time.


Anonym hat gesagt…

hi, great job.
Seems that this link : doesn't work :/ it's the 18-in-1_wpa.7z.001 i guess.
thanks for help.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi again, i did some searchs and found this link : to replace the dead link :
Enjoy and thanks for this great blog !

darkey hat gesagt…

Hello im a new user in Backtrack I would like to know if there is any way to crack a WPA2 without using Dictionarys?

i got handshake cable modem (HITRON) key lenth 12 chracters exp ( 40I3WQ893RCO ) and i cracked the capfile but passphrase not in the dictionary please help me

i need 12 chracters exp ( 40I3WQ893RCO ) password list or how to crack this cap file esyly please help me.. i am waiting the replay pease please..

Anonym hat gesagt…


Anonym hat gesagt…

There is a problem with the 17th part of your file

It says that the link is broken

Could you fix it please

Thank you

TAPE hat gesagt…

Viewing a 13gb file might be a bit a task.. but you could also always look at the program LTFviewer (windows) for read only viewing.

Have a look at for some other info on wordlists.

N008D35TR0Y3R hat gesagt…

I think think this blog site is great, but it would be great if you update it from time to time :D

Anonym hat gesagt…

I'm getting this output in Fedora 15 with 33Gb of ram.
The same error is present running 7z, and whether I run it on the first file, *, or the directory.Can you please help? My first time with 7zip. /btw, when I tried to open the first one in peazip, I got a password prompt. Thanks.

$ 7za e 18-in-1.7z.001

7-Zip (A) [64] 9.20 Copyright (c) 1999-2010 Igor Pavlov 2010-11-18
p7zip Version 9.20 (locale=en_US.utf8,Utf16=on,HugeFiles=on,4 CPUs)

Processing archive: 18-in-1.7z.001

Error: E_FAIL

Anonym hat gesagt…

did find that most of the files that have been clean on gotmilks site as bad or is that just me they dont seem to be stored right on mediafire

Anonym hat gesagt…

My pc is getting through the list at a rate of 2800k/s approx. How long will it take to complete the whole list?
Thank you.

Anonym hat gesagt…

cant download..asks me to register and add credit card number and i dont trust that website.

Anonym hat gesagt…

cant site asks for registration and credit card number...

Unknown hat gesagt…

Crack WiFi Password in 3 easy steps

Unknown hat gesagt…
Der Kommentar wurde von einem Blog-Administrator entfernt.
Anonym hat gesagt…

asking for a password to extract it, i try but is not working

Anonym hat gesagt…

thank you for the dictionary!!
I download it via currently. it is interrupted two times.
What is the extraction password of 7z file?

Mauri hat gesagt…


Real Estate Noida hat gesagt…

This is my first visit to your blog! But I admire the precious time and effort you put into it,especially into interesting articles you share here. Thankyou very much and keep up the good work.

Anonym hat gesagt…

can you help me please, i am albanian, i found a handshake from a neighbor wireless and i have to find the password but i dont have wordlist including albanian dictionary, can you help me please , i wanna crack a wpa2 wireless , here is my email :

Anonym hat gesagt…



For cracking WPA, you only need words that have more than 8 characters.



You have been warned that the author of this list has absolutely no clue about computer security.


It cannot even be cleaned, as none of the words in this list can be used, they are all far below the minimum required length.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Dead link?... Could you re-up it please? Thank you!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ignore the Anonymous users saying it doesn't work.
They obviously haven't looked at the file.
The 18 in 1 list has over many billion lines of data & many many words over 8 characters long.


& I'm looking at it raw right now.

hackertr hat gesagt…

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hackertr hat gesagt…

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hackertr hat gesagt…

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Anonym hat gesagt…

hi, i have problem with download the world list ,, when i click on download link button it must give me the download link but it came back on previous page and dont show the download link , where is the problem,? (sry for bad english) i want it for backtrack 5

Anonym hat gesagt…

Guten Tag,

My German is not so great as I learned it from my Grandma who left in 1945. The link you provided will prompt for a password but shows nothing for download. Is there another link perhaps? Besten Dank!

Auf Wiedersehen

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hey Bro!
Thnx for giving link, I have downloaded it. But 7zip file is password protected, Plz give me a password...
Here or on my email

I shall be very thankful for this kindness....

Mark Zeta hat gesagt…

This is the password for the 7zip file:

Unknown hat gesagt…

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Unknown hat gesagt…

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Anonym hat gesagt…

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Unknown hat gesagt…

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Unknown hat gesagt…

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Unknown hat gesagt…

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ASLAM hat gesagt…

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Anonym hat gesagt…

over 50% rejected by oclhashcat - this dictionary is a garbage.

Anonym hat gesagt…

There is a better dictionary list on free for download. The list is sorted & uniq. The list is unpacked 25gb big. Check it out :-)

Squidblacklist hat gesagt…

We just released a LARGE wpa wordlist created from our master domain database of over 200 Million domain names.

Unknown hat gesagt…

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